Family: Alliaceae

Scientific Name: Allium moly Moly

Common Name: Allium Moly, Golden Garlic, Lily Leek

DescriptionA small Allium with yellow flowers.
Plant TypeBulbs, corms, tubers, rhizoms, etc.
Hardiness Zone4-7(8)
Soil & Siteaverage, well drained
Flowers1/2 inch bright yellow flowers borne in a terminal umbel on a 9-15 inch leafless scape, flower heads turn papery white after bloom
Leavesbasal leaves
Dimensions10-12 inches tall
Maintenancewill reseed, to prevent deadhead, plant bulbs in the fall, 5 inches deep and 3 inches apart
Propagationseeds, bulbs
Misc FactsAll parts of the plant smell like onions.
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