Family: Rhamnaceae

Scientific Name: Rhamnus frangula Asplenifolia

Common Name: Asplenifolia Buckthorn, Fern-leaf buckthorn

DescriptionThe leaves are very narrow with an irregular margin. I have read reports that it is invasive and reports to the contrary?
Plant TypeShrubs Deciduous
Hardiness Zone3-7
Sunlightfull sun to part sun
Moistureaverage, tolerable
Soil & Siteaverage, tolerable
TemperatureA landscaper told me he can use this plant in containers in zone #5 and they survive.
Fruitproduces a berry-like drupe changing from green-red-black
Leavesvery narrow leaves, irregular margin creating a ferny effect
Dimensions10-12 feet high with a spread of 6-10 feet, slow growing
Maintenancecan be pruned into a hedge
Author's NotesI have been told this plant is not invasive like it's cousins. We have one growing at the garden center and it was cut down to a stump and resprouted. A nice fine texture plant.
Notes & Reference#01- Manual of Woody Landscape Plants (Micheal Dirr)
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