Family: Asteraceae

Scientific Name: Zinnia elegans Envy

Common Name: Zinnia Envy

DescriptionAn unique colored Zinnia with lime green to green colored flowers
Plant TypeAnnuals
Sunlightfull, 1/2 day of sun
Moistureaverage, tolerates dry
Soil & Siteaverage
Flowerslarge lime green colored flowers, color will vary with the amount of light, a bit of shade brings out the deeper colors, as with most Zinnia it is a good cut flower
Dimensions24-30 inches tall, space 12-14 inches
MaintenanceZinnia elegans cultivars are susceptible to powdery mildew and grow best in areas with good air circulation and are dry. The breeders are creating new varieties that are very resistant to mildew. Deadheading helps to increase number of blooms.
PropagationVery easy to grow from seed and can be directed seeded into the garden. When starting indoors plant 3-4 weeks before the date they are to be set outdoors. The taller varieties are best started by the gardener. Bedding plants that are purchased in packs which are tall and lanky with flowers don't make good transplants.
Native SiteSpecies native to Mexico.
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