Family: Asteraceae

Scientific Name: Eupatorium maculatum

Common Name: Joe Pye Weed

DescriptionA tall native perennial for the moist areas of the garden.
Plant TypePerennials Hardy
Hardiness Zone5-8
Sunlightfull to shaded, the more sun the more moisture that is needed
Moistureprefers moist, tolerates average, needs additional water during dry spells
Soil & Siteprefers moist, tolerates average
FlowersThe dark pink (sometimes listed as red) flowers are complex. 5-7 small flowers make up a flower head, while 5 or more flower heads make up a compound inflorescence. Flowers are very fluffy and cloud like in appearance. Starts blooming end of July to early August
Leaveslance-shaped leaves, coarsely serrated, up to 10" and occur in whorls of 3-5
Stemsstout stems, mottled toward the base with purple speckles, becomes pure red towards the top.
Dimensions5-7 feet tall
Propagationdivision, seeds
Native SiteThe spotted Joe-pye weeds are native to North America.
Misc FactsEupatorium from the Greek name Mithridates Eupator, King of Pontus about 115BC who is said to have discovered an antidote to a commonly used poison in one of the species. The name Joe pye came from a Indian medicine Man.
Author's NotesThis a very common wild flower in zone #5, southeastern Wisconsin (USA). I alway see it growing in moist to wet areas.
Notes & Reference#100-Wildflowers of Wisconsin and the Upper Midwest (Merel Black and Emmet Judziewicz), #218-Flora of Wisconsin (
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