Family: Apocynaceae

Scientific Name: Adenium odesum

Common Name: Desert Rose

DescriptionAn interesting easy to grow succulent plant.
Plant TypeSucculents
Hardiness Zone11-12
Moisturewater when growing, keep on the dry side in winter
Soil & Sitewell drained
TemperatureCan tolerate into the 40 degrees but prefers a minimum in the 50 degree F.
Flowerspale pink, deep red petal margins, always fading to near white toward the throat, floral tube is white
Leavesgreen, simple
Stemsstems (caudex) become bonsai-like with age
Dimensionsa shrub that can reach up to 5 feet, much smaller in containers
Native SiteNative to Eastern Africa to southern Arabia.
Cultivar OriginDiscovered in 1762 by P. Forsskai, a German scientist.
Misc FactsSap is poisonous.
Author's NotesI have been growing this plant for about 5 years. It grows on a west window and out doors during the summer. One year it was out during a light frost and the top turned to mush. I cut off the dead part and to my surprise it sprouted 1/2 dozen branches from nodes on the caudex stem.
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