Family: Scrophulariaceae

Scientific Name: Angelonia angustifolia Serena series

Common Name: Angelonia Serena, Summer Snapdragon Serena

DescriptionAn Angelonia series with compact plants with compact flowers. A tender perennial grown as an annual.
Plant TypePerennial Tender
Hardiness Zone8-11
Sunlightfull, half day sun
Moisturetolerates a wide range from moist to slightly dry, best is average
Soil & Siteaverage
Growing Mediaaverage
Temperatureheat tolerant, cold tolerant to the low 40's F
Flowers3/4” across, two-lipped snapdragon-like, borne on compact terminal racemes, lavender pink, pink, white, etc.
Dimensionscompact mounded upright growth habit, 10-12 inches tall by 12 inches spread
MaintenanceThe plants will continue to bloom throughout the entire summer with little or no dead heading.
Propagationseeds, cuttings
Native SiteNative to Mexico and the West Indies
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