Family: Rosaceae

Scientific Name: Agrimonia eupatoria

Common Name: Church Steeples, Agrimony, Sticklewort, Cocklebur, Harvest Lice

DescriptionA plant that has been used medicinally and has a yellow dye.
Plant TypeAnnuals
Hardiness Zone5
Sunlightfull, shaded
Moistureaverage, moist
Soil & Siteaverage
Flowerssmall, yellow, 5 notched petals found on a slender raceme
Fruitseed pods form a bur that latch on to animals and clothing
Dimensions1-2 feet tall
Native SiteNative to Eurasia.
Misc FactsHas been used for many medicinal and also a source of yellow dye. The common names of Sticklewort, Cockle bur and Harvest Lice relate to the way the hooked like seed pods stick to clothing and animals.
Notes & Reference#100-Wildflowers of Wisconsin and the Upper Midwest (Merel Black and Emmet Judziewicz)
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