Family: Begoniaceae

Scientific Name: Begonia coccinea Sinbad

Common Name: Sinbad Begonia

DescriptionA beautiful angel wing type Begonia with pebbled surface, silver green foliage with tinges of red over tones.
Plant TypePerennial Tender
Hardiness Zone9-11
Sunlightpartial sun
Soil & Siteaverage
Growing Mediaaverage patio mix
Temperaturehardy to about 20 degrees F
Flowerspink pendulous flowers tucked inside of the foliage, male and female flowers on same plant
Leavesangel wing shaped with pebbled surface, silver green with tinges of red over tones.
Stemscane-like stems, sometimes refered to as Bamboo Begonia
Dimensionsup to 36 inches in warmer climates
Native SiteSpecies plant native to Organ Mountains of Brazil. Also have seen it listed as being found in Central and South America growing in shady and humid spots of Atlantic forest.
Cultivar OriginSpecies plant discovered by William Lobb in 1841. The cultivar Simbad was registered by Steward in 1997.
Author's NotesI have grown this a few years. The unique color of the foliage is what draws me to this plant.
Notes & Reference#117-Begonias (Mark Tebbitt)
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