Family: Liliaceae

Common Name: Aloe Minibelle, Tiger Jaws Aloe

DescriptionA nice dwarf Aloe. Looks are deceiving; the fierce looking thorns are actually fleshy.
Plant TypeSucculents
Hardiness Zone9-11
Moistureapproach dryness to dry out between watering
Soil & Sitewell drained
Growing Mediawell drained, cactus or succulent mix
Flowersreddish orange flowers on wiry scapes
Leavesbroad succulent, fleshy white thorns, white splotches
Dimensionsforms a clumping rosette, 8 inches across to 18 inches tall
Native SiteNative to the coast of Western Cape Province, South Africa.
Cultivar OriginA hybrid from Ed Hummel named after his wife "Minnie Belle".
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