Family: Liliaceae

Scientific Name: Asparagus pyramidalis

Common Name: Asparagus pyramidalis

DescriptionA more upright growing Asparagus Fern variety.
Plant TypeIndoor Foliage
Hardiness Zone9-10, sunset 12-24
Sunlightbright to moderate
Moistureevenly moist, tolerant of some dryness
Temperaturehardy down to 25 degrees F
Rootsforms tuberous white roots
Dimensionsreaches 2 by 2 feet
MaintenanceAs time goes on the plant will grow out of the pot and need to be transplanted. I have taken the pot bound plants cut an inch thick slab of roots off of the bottom, and trimmed an inch off the sides and replant. Given a little TLC, the plants have recovered. Although this plant can be cut back, it doesn't recover rapidly from this process, but many times this is a necessity.
PropagationThe most common way is to grow from seed. The seeds are hard and black I have germinated the seeds by directly seeding them and also soaking them over night. Both methods seem to work equally well. Older plants can be divided.
Misc FactsCan be toxic to pets.
Author's NotesI grew this plant many times from seed. I have seldom seen it available at garden centers.
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