Family: Sapindaceae

Scientific Name: Xanthoceras sorbifolium

Common Name: Yellowhorn Popcorn Shrub, Chinese Chestnut,

DescriptionA small tree or a large shrub with 6-10 inch long racemes of white flowers starting in mid-May.
Plant TypeAll Plants, Shrubs Deciduous
Hardiness Zone(3)(4)-7
Moistureaverage, draught tolerant
Soil & Siteaverage
Temperatureheat tolerant
Flowers3/4 inch to 1 inch diameter fragrant flowers on a 6-10 inch long raceme
Fruitthick walled seeds, 3 valved round capsule, reported to taste like macadamia nuts when roasted
Leavesalternate, pinnate compound, leaflets deeply and sharply serrated, glossy green above
Dimensions18-24 feet tall
Propagationseeds require no pretreatment
Native SiteNorthern China
Cultivar OriginCultivated since 1820's in Russia.
Misc FactsGenus name from Greek xanthos yellow and keras, horn. Referring to the yellow horn-like appendages between the petals.
Author's NotesI have only seen this plant in a few places and they were both Arboretums, never in landscapes. Very pretty when blooming. Seems to be very hardy in zone #5.
Notes & Reference#01-Manual of Woody Landscape Plants (Michael Dirr), #93-North American Landscape Trees (Arthur Lee Jacobson)
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