Family: Bromeliaceae

Scientific Name: Ananas comosus

Common Name: Pineapple Plant

DescriptionAn easy to grow plant that can make a good conservation piece. Easy to root from the top of a pineapple purchased at the grocery store.
Plant TypeIndoor Foliage
Hardiness Zonetropical
Sunlightbright, direct
Moistureevenly moist
Growing Mediaaverage house
Temperatureaverage house, warm
LeavesThe stiff leaves have sharp spines on the margins. A gray scale coats the leaves.
DimensionsFinding a place to grow this plant can be a challenge. It can get over 24" wide and has sharp spine edged leaves.
PropagationThis is a fun plant to propagate. Get a Pineapple and cut off the top. Peel back the leaves so about a inch or two of the center stem is exposed. To prevent rotting, let the top sit over night and callus. Stick the top in a well drained rotting media. I use a 1 Peat Moss to 1 perlite mix. A 4 1/2" pot is a good size to root the plant in. Place in a warm, moderate lit area.
Native SiteSouth America, Brazil
Author's NotesIt is possible to get this plant to produce small pineapples, but this is an involved process. The plant needs to be subjected to ethylene gas by putting it in a bag with some ripe fruit for a few days. The fruit gives off ethylene gas and initiates the flowering process. I have never tried this in the house. In the greenhouse it seems to form fruit on its own.
Notes & Reference#02-Exotic Plant Manual (Alfred Byrd Graf), #18-House Plant Encyclopedia (Nico Vermeulen)
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