Family: Campanulaceae

Scientific Name: Campanula persicifolia alba

Common Name: White Peachleaf Bell Flower

DescriptionA medium plant that produces slender racemes of white bell shaped flowers.
Plant TypeAll Plants, Perennials Hardy
Hardiness Zone3-6
Sunlightfull sun, mostly sunny, part sun
Soil & Siteaverage
Flowerswhite, broadly bell shaped, borne in an inflorescent called a raceme, start blooming mid May
Leavesforms a basal rosette, leaves less frequent and smaller up the stem, basal leaves are 4-8" while the sessile stems leaves are 2-4" long, basal leaves are somewhat evergreen in zone #5
Dimensions2'-3' tall by 18" spread, forms clumps as more stems clump off the base
MaintenanceWhen deadheading this plant be careful not to damage the new buds that are forming on the same stem. Rejuvenation of the plant by dividing every 2-3 years helps to keep the plant fresh and productive, can spread by volunteer seedlings
Propagationseeds, division
Author's NotesThis has always been one of my favorite plants. I like to group them together in a mass for a more dramatic show of color.
Notes & Reference#04-Herbaceous Perennial Plants (Allan Armitage) , #06-Perennials for the American Gardens (Clasusen and Ekastro), #54-The Well Tended Garden (DiSabato-Aust), #123-Dwarf Campanula (Graham Nicholls
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