Family: Urticaceae

Scientific Name: Pilea cadierei

Common Name: Aluminum Plant

DescriptionA small plant that grows in bright to moderate light conditions. If grown properly the silver coloration on the foliage is very attractive.
Plant TypeIndoor Foliage
Hardiness Zone10-11, tropical
SunlightThe beautiful coloration of this plant will depend on the proper light conditions. It may take a little moving around to find the perfect conditions. Prefers bright to moderate conditions.
Moistureevenly moist
Growing Mediaaverage house
Temperatureaveage house, warm
Leavesblueish green to green, raised areas are silver, grown properly this silver will look very metallic
DimensionsEasily kept in a 3 1/2"- 6" pot.
MaintenanceThe lower leaves of the plant naturally fall off. By pinching the plant the bare areas may rebranch.
Native SiteVietnam
Author's NotesGrew this plant for many years. It can be stunning if the proper light can be provided. Used a lot in dish gardens and terrariums.
Notes & Reference#02-Exotic Plant Manual (Alfred Byrd Graf) , #17-The World of House Plants (Elvin McDonald)
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