Family: Bromeliaceae

Scientific Name: Aechmea nidularioides

Common Name: Aechmea nidularioides


Aechmea nidularioides is a species bromeliad native to Columbia, Ecuador and Peru.

Plant TypeIndoor Foliage, Bromeliad
Hardiness Zone10-11
Sunlightbright to strong to bring out the color of the foliage
Moisturemoist, high humidity
FlowersThe inflorescence is on top of a short stalk, cone shaped, with triangular red bracts and white flowers that raises above the rosette.
LeavesA wide spreading rosette of red-tinted, somewhat recurved, lance shaped leaves.
Dimensions30 inch spread
Propagationdivision of pups
Native SiteThis species grows on trees in the tropical, hot humid rain forests of Amazonian Peru and Colombia. Found at (350, and 3,300-feet) above sea level.
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