Family: Asteraceae

Scientific Name: Senecio radicans

Common Name: String of Bananas

DescriptionA curiosity succulent plant with banana shaped leaves.
Plant TypeSucculents
Moistureaverage to slightly dry between waterings
Growing Mediawell drained, cactus and succulent mix
TemperatureAverage house is preferred during the growing season. During the resting period they prefer 50-55 degrees F and will tolerate down to 45 degrees F.
Flowerscomposite flowers lacking ray florets, small, white, anthers yellow or light purple and have a strong cinnamon smell
Leavesthin stems, lined with small banana-shaped leaves, t 1/4 inch in diameter, has a longitudinal translucent stripe
Stemswill root at the nodes creating a mass of foliage hugging the surface, will cascade over the side of a container
DimensionsCan easily reach 1-2 feet over the side of a container.
MaintenanceIf the plant gets a bare center in the pot, just pull up a long stem, twist it around the bare area and pin down.
Propagationrooting individual leaves, cuttings
Native SiteSouth West Africa, Cape Karroo
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