Family: Begoniaceae

Scientific Name: Begonia tuberhybridia, Non Stop

Common Name: Non Stop Begonias

DescriptionA seed grown variety of tuberous Begonias. Usually grown as an annual.
Plant TypePerennial Tender
Sunlightpartial shade to shade, burns in direct sun
Moistureaverage to slightly dry, if you want to over winter taper off watering in the fall
Soil & Siteaverage to well drained
FlowersWith the texture and appearance of tissue paper, the Camellia shaped double flowers are in shades of white, pink, red, yellow, orange, salmon, bi-colors and picotee. Benary seed company list 13 different colors.
Leavesforms a tuberous root
Rootstuberous roots
MaintenanceMay need to sprayed with a fungicide to prevent mildew. The amount of mildew will depend on the growing conditions. Poor air circulation and moisture at night increases the mildew problem.
PropagationTubers stored in a dark dry place over winter or from seeds.
Misc FactsDeveloped by the Benary Company in Germany.
Notes & Reference#144-Missouri Botanical Gardens web site (, Benary Seed Company, #109-Annuals and Tender Perennials for North American Gardens (Wayne Winterrowd)
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