Family: Asclepiadaceae

Scientific Name: Asclepias curassavica cultivars

Common Name: Asclepias Silky Gold, Asclepias Silky Scarlett, Silkweed

DescriptionA tall tender perennial that attracts nectar seeking animals.
Plant TypePerennial Tender
Hardiness Zone8b-11
Sunlightfull to partial shade
Soil & Siteaverage
Temperature10-15 degrees F
Flowers3-4 inches long clusters, attracts butterflies, bees, Hummingbirds, moths and other nectar seeking insects
Fruit3 inch long spindle shaped seed pod follicles
Leavesopposite, narrow 6 inch long, lance shaped
Dimensions3-4 feet tall by 2-3 foot spread
Maintenanceself seeds in warmer climates
Propagationseeds, cuttings
Native SiteSouth America
Misc FactsHas a milky sap that can be a irritant to some people.
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