Family: Crassulaceae

Scientific Name: Cotyledon ladismithiensis variegated

Common Name: Variegated Cub's Paw

DescriptionThe variegated cousin of Cubs Paw.
Plant TypeSucculents
Hardiness Zone10
SunlightI have grown this plant in the direct light outdoors during the summer and it flourishes in these conditions. In dim conditions it will become weak and leggy
Moisturedry out between watering
Soil & Siteaveage, well drained
Growing Mediawell drained, cactus and succulent mix
Temperatureaverage house to warm
FlowersWhere as the non-variegated Cubs Paw is easy to coax to bloom I have never had the variegated bloom for me.
LeavesThe leaves are formed in the shape of a Cub's Paw. The more light the plant gets the thicker and the coarser the hair will get. In low light the paws become greener in color, in higher light they will become a pale yellow. Also in high light the leaves will form tiny spots on the tips that look like the toes of a bears paw. The purpose of the hair is to shade areas of the leaf to slow down water loss
MaintenanceBecomes woody and will need to be cut back
PropagationThe two main ways of propagation are tip cuttings and whole leaf cuttings. Take an entire leaf and lay it flat on some propagating media and it will form a tiny plant at the leaves apex. This will take a while. We will do a dozen or so leaves at one time to insure that a few will takes
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