Family: Asteraceae

Scientific Name: Ageratum houstonianum Leilani

Common Name: Ageratum Leilani Blue

DescriptionA taller Ageratum with fluffy blue blooms.
Plant TypeAnnuals
MoistureMay need additional moisture during dry spells.
Soil & Siteaverage
TemperatureThis is a tender garden annual turning black at the first frost. Planting sooner than Memorial Day weekend may be risky (zone #5).
Flowersdense, rounded mound of fluffy blue flowers, used as cut flowers
Dimensions14-16 by 10-12 inches wide
MaintenanceAs the flowers die they need to be dead headed which is no easy task. Many of the cultivars flowers are on short scapes and are hard to remove. This is one plant I don't enjoy the task of dead heading.
Propagationsmall seeds should be start 6-8 weeks before they are going to be planted in the garden
Native SiteNative to Mexico and Central and South America
Misc FactsNames after William Houston who collected the species in the Antilles and Mexico.
Notes & Reference#27-Rodale's Annual Gardens (Paul Loewer), #28-Cottage Garden Annuals(Clive Lane), #51-Armitage's Manual of Annuals, Biennials, and Half-Hardy Perennials (Alan Arimitage), #109-Annuals and Tender Perennials for North American Gardens (Wayne Winterroud)
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