Family: Asteraceae

Scientific Name: Aster divaricatus

Common Name: White Wood Aster


White Woodland Aster (Aster divaricatus) A wildflower boasting flat-topped clusters of small starry white daisies late in the summer.  Found growing in open woods. Tolerates dry growing conditions.

Plant TypePerennials Hardy, Perennials Hardy, Perennials Hardy, Wild Flowers
Hardiness Zone5
Sunlightpartial sun, shaded, some direct light
Moistureaverage, dry
Soil & Siteaverage, dry. found growing in open woods
Flowerswhite, 3/4 inch, golden or bronze center, ragged, found on branched open clusters at the top of the plant, fade to light burgundy or pink
Leavesalternate, broad heart-shaped on slender stalks, sharp toothed edges with long pointed tips, larger leaves are found near the middle of the stem and upper leaves almost stalk-less
Stemsdark to black twiggy stems
Dimensions2-3 feet tall
MaintenanceIf used in a garden may become a rapid spreader
Native Siteeastern USA
Misc FactsAKA: Symphyotrichum divaricatum, Eurybia divaricata, Aster corymbosus
Notes & Reference#13-Growing Woodland Plants (Birdseye), #56-Tall Grass Prairie Wildflowers (Doug Ladd)
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