Family: Primulaceae

Scientific Name: Anagalis arvensis

Common Name: Scarlett Pimpernel, Pimpernel

Descriptionhe native weed can be grown as an ornamental producing a profuse amount of orange flowers.
Plant TypeAnnuals
Soil & Siteaverage
Temperaturetolerates light frost
Flowerssolitary flowers borne on long stalks (pedicels) originating from the axis of the leaves, five petals orange to orange red, tiny hairs on the margins
Leavesleaves are opposite, about 1 inch, sessil, many small dark purple spots on the underside, may occur in whorls of three, stems square
Dimensionslow growing, drapes over pots
Propagationseed, cutting root easy
Misc FactsThe Scarlet Pimpernel was the emblem of the hero in the book The Scarlet Pimpernel" by Baroness Orczy. The common name Poor Mans Weather Glass is associated with the blooms closing during poor weather
Notes & ReferencePhysically resembles the common Chickweed, except it has red orange flowers and spots on the bottom of the leaves. (Reference; #109-Annuals and Tender Perennials for North American Gardens (Wayne Winterroud))
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