Family: Dryopteridaceae

Scientific Name: Athyrium filix-femina

Common Name: Lady Fern, European Lady Fern


Lady Fern (Athyrium  filix-femina) is a native easy to grow lacy fern found growing in the shaded areas of native areas.

Plant TypeAll Plants, Ferns - Hardy
Hardiness Zone4-8
Sunlightshade to part sun, sunnier sites require a moisture soil
Moistureaverage to moist
Soil & Siteusually found growing in moist soil.
FlowersFerns do not produce flowers. They were around prior to the evolution of the flowering plants (angiosperms). This fern produces its spores on the bottom of pinnae.
Leaveshas an erect rhizome and tends to stand out of the ground. Fronds are bipinnate-pinnatifid and finely cut. The stipes (stems) of the fronds are easily cracked.
DimensionsReaches 1-2 feet high, growing in circular clumps with long erect fronds. Space 18-24 iches on center.
MaintenanceDigging in or covering the rhizome.
Propagationspores, division
Misc FactsThe genus name Athyrium, from the Greek, a, "without" and qureos (thureos), "shield". The species filix-femina, from the Latin, "fern-feminine". This fern is variable in shape and form of leaves. Over 300 English forms have originated with this fern.
Notes & Reference#80-A Field Guide to Ferns (Boughton Cobb) , #90-Ferns for American Gardens (John T Mickel)
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