Family: Commelinaceae

Scientific Name: Callisia repens

Common Name: Turtle Vine, Bolivian Inch Plant, Basket Plant

DescriptionAn easy to grow, vigorous creeping vine, will quickly fill out the growing container.
Plant TypeIndoor Foliage
Hardiness ZoneCold 9-10, Sunset 1-24
Sunlightbright to moderate
Moistureevenly moist to slightly dry
Growing Mediaaverage house
Flowerssmall white flowers, found in the axils of the leaves, no ornamental value.
Leavescreeping vine with orbicular, clasping leaves, green on top and purple on the underside
DimensionsA creeping vine reaching over 2 feet, filling the diameter of the pot.
MaintenanceCutting back to maintain size.
Propagationvery easy from cuttings
Misc FactsCallisia is derived from Greek; calli- meaning beautiful, charming, lovely. Syn. Hapalanthus repens, Spironema robbinsii
Author's NotesThis was a common plant found growing in the high schools greenhouse. Since we made dish gardens and terrariums it was good as a spiller or ground cover.
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