Family: Araceae

Scientific Name: Aglaonema x Silver Queen

Common Name: Silver Queen Chinese Evergreen


Silver Queen Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema) A colorful tried and true Aglaonema cultivar.

Plant TypeIndoor Foliage, Perennials Hardy, Tropical herbaceous plants
Hardiness Zone10-12, Sunset 25-27
SunlightWill tolerate most light conditions except full sun. Prefers bright to moderate but can exist in the low light areas.
Moistureaverage house
Growing Mediaaverage house,
TemperaturePrefers average house plus doesn't like below 55 degrees F.
Flowerscreamy-white to slightly greenish spathes, not very ornamental unless you are a botanist.
Leavessilver on green variegation
Stemscane-like stems
Dimensionsreaches 1-2 feet by equal spread
PropagationEasy to root from stem section cuttings and tip cuttings. Older plants can be divided. To do stem section cuttings, cut a six inch piece of stem and insert into a rooting media. Make sure that the stem is oriented properly. If I do a lot of the cane cuttings I use a marker to mark which is bottom and which is top.
Misc FactsAglaonema is derived from, the Greek words aglos (bright) and nema (thread).
Author's NotesMy Horticulture students had this plant scattered all over the school. Was easy to grow and maintain along with the colorful foliage.
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