Family: Vitaceae

Scientific Name: Cissus rotundifolia

Common Name: Arabian Wax Ivy, American Wax Cissus, Peruvian Grape

DescriptionA fast growing vine tolerant of dry hot places.
Plant TypeSucculents
Hardiness Zone10-11
Sunlightfull to partial sun
Moistureaverage to dry
Soil & Sitewell drained
Growing Mediawell drained
FlowersIn their native region they flower after the first rains. Flowers are small, green and inconspicuous followed by red berries. Seldom flowers in indoor culture.
Leavesthick, fleshy, green, broadly ovate to round and sometimes reniform, margins are entire or somewhat wavy
Dimensionsvigorous vine, attaches by tendrils, can reach over 15 feet in native sites
Maintenancecutting back to maintain a workable size.
Propagationseed, easily from cuttings
Native SiteFound in the eastern Africa. Grows in full sun, well drained soils.
Misc Facts(syn. Cissus quadrangularis)
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