Family: Verbenaceae

Scientific Name: Caryopteris x clandonensis Dark Knight

Common Name: Dark Knight Caryopteris

DescriptionA small sub shrub with dark blue purple flowers in the late summer to fall.
Plant TypeShrubs Deciduous
Hardiness Zone(5,6)7-9
Sunlightfull sun, light shade
Soil & SitePrefers well-drained moist soils, but is somewhat tolerant of draught. Will not tolerated wet soggy soils.
Temperaturedie back to the ground in zones 5 and 6, top hardy to zone 7
Flowersdark blue flowers in clusters, blooms on current season wood, from late summer to frost
Dimensions30-36 inches tall
MaintenanceCut back to the ground in early spring.
Propagationsoftwood cuttings
Author's NotesA tried growing this plant for a few years in zone #5. I was only able to get 2 or 3 years out of them. They always died back either to the ground or to the base of the plant and than regrew. Dirr says grow this as an herbaceous perennial. (#01)
Notes & Reference#01-Manual of Woody Landscape Plants (Michael Dirr)
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