Family: Anacardiaceae

Scientific Name: Cotinus coggygria

Common Name: ABC's of Smoke Bush


Smoke Bush (Cotinus coggygria) is a group of tall, medium to wide, spreading shrubs. The main attraction of is their puffy growth that forms with the flowers, hence the name "Smoke Bush".

Plant TypeAll Plants, Shrubs Deciduous
Hardiness Zone5-8
Sunlightfull but I have seen it growing in some shade.
Soil & Siteaverage
FlowersThe flowers are rather ineffective. The ornamental value comes from the hairs that arise from the pedicles and peduncle of the flower forming the puffy effect.
Leavespurple or green
Dimensions10-15 feet tall by half or more in spread.
MaintenanceIn southeastern Wisconsin this plant can winter kill back to the ground. Next spring it will regrow. I have also read how people cut this back to the ground each year to encourage the new, fresh colorful growth. The winters are warmer and these plants tend to die back less. (Update 2015), If needed they can be cut back hard to the ground.
Misc FactsCotinus from the Greek word kotinos, which is Greek for olive and coggygria from kokkugia, the Greek name.
Author's NotesThis plant is to large to be used near a house. Best used in shrub border or berms
Notes & Reference#1-Manual of Woody Landscape Plants (Michael Dirr)
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