Family: Asteraceae

Scientific Name: Emilia javanica

Common Name: Tassel Flower

DescriptionAn heirloom flower with orange-red tassel flowers on long wiry stems.
Plant TypeAnnuals
Sunlightbest in full sun where the flower color will intensify
Moistureaverage never dry
Soil & Siteaverage
Temperaturetolerant of heat, frost tender
Flowerssmall orange-red, 1/2 inch flowers are bore on wiry stems (terminal corymbs), color will intensify in the bright sun, can be used for cut flowers
LeavesMost of the foliage is basal lanceolate leaves. A few occur up the stem.
Dimensions16-24 inches tall by a spread of around 12 inches.
MaintenanceRegular dead heading is needed. If the purchased plant has many long dangling flower stems they may need to be removed to help the plant get established. Otherwise staking will be needed.
Misc FactsWas grown by Thomas Jefferson at Monticello.
Author's NotesI have grown this plant a few times from seed. Always liked the small tassel-like flowers that can become very bright.