Family: Santalaceae

Scientific Name: Comandra umbellata

Common Name: False Toadflax, Bastard False Toadflax

DescriptionA prairie plant liking dry areas.
Plant TypeWild Flowers
Hardiness Zone4
Moistureaverage to dry
Soil & SiteFound in dry prairies and sandy sites.
Flowerswhite, 1/4", usually 5 white petal-like sepals that unite into a short tube and occur in rounded clusters on the top of the plant
Leavesyellowish green, alternate, simple, stalkless or on very short stalks
StemsThe stems arise at intervals from horizontal underground rhizomes to form small clones.
RootsThe rhizomes may produce adventitious roots that can produce a haustoria. The haustoria can become parasitic to other plants, rapping around the roots and absorbing its nutrients.
Dimensionsabout 1 foot
Misc FactsThe fruits were eaten by Native Americans. Comandra is derived from the Greek word kome (hair) and ander (man), referring to the hairy attachment of the stamens. Umbellata means like umbels or umbrella-like referring to the flower heads
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