Family: Hamamelidaceae

Scientific Name: Fothergilla gardenii

Common Name: Dwarf Fothergilla

DescriptionThe species Fothergilla that is sometimes called Dwarf Fothergilla.
Plant TypeShrubs Deciduous
Sunlightfull to part sun
Moistureaverage to moist
Soil & Siteaverage
Flowerswhite, apetalous, honey scented, appear before leaves and look like bottle brushes.
Leavesdark green, leathery with fall colors of yellow, orange or red.
Dimensions2-3 feet tall by 4-5 foot spread, suckers forming colonies
Notes & Reference#01-Manual of Woody Landscape Plants (Michael Dirr), #226-Shrubs and Vines for American Gardens (Donald Wyman)
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