Family: Asteraceae

Scientific Name: Hieracium aurantiacum

Common Name: Orange Hawkweed, Devils Paint Brush

DescriptionA common weed in gardens and lawns.
Plant TypeAll Plants, Weeds
Hardiness Zone4
Soil & Siteaverage
Flowersbright orange red, composite, outer petals are squared off and ragged, found clustered at the top of a bristly flower scape and seeds are dispersed on wind bore parachutes (pappus). Blooms June through August.
Leavesbristly, forms a basal rosette with 2-3 reduced leaves on the stem.
Stemssquare stems, rhizoms
Dimensionsreaches 18 inches tall
Native SiteIntroduced from Europe as an ornamental plant.
Misc FactsThe common name Hawkweed comes from the idea that eating the plant would give the eyesight of a Hawk. (syn Pilosella aurantiaca)
Notes & Reference#77-The Field Guide to Weeds (Crockett), #83-Favorite Wild Flowers of the Great Lakes and Northeastern US
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