Family: Fabaceae

Scientific Name: Dalea candida

Common Name: White Prairie Clover

DescriptionA neat wispy legume with purple flowers in July and August.
Plant TypeAll Plants, Wild Flowers
Hardiness Zone4
Soil & SiteGrows well in sandy, loam and clay soils. Found naturally growing in dry to mesic prairies
Flowerscylindrical spike of white florets each with a large petal, 4 smaller petals and 5 protruding orange stamens, forming at the bottom of the spike, in July and August
Leavesalternate, compound, having 3-9 narrow leaflets.
Stemsslender, erect
Rootsforms a tap root, can reach 2 feet into the soil
Native SiteNative to North America
Misc FactsBeing a legume, the bacteria in the nodules on the roots can convert atmospheric nitrogen into a form of nitrogen that is released into the soil.
Notes & Reference#56-Tall Grass Prairie Wildflowers (Doug Ladd) , #224-Prairie Nursery web site (
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