Family: Amaranthaceae

Scientific Name: Amaranthus tricolor cultivar

Common Name: Joseph's Coat

DescriptionAn unnamed cultivar that we have been growing in the greenhouse for the past few years. An extremely colorful foliage plant.
Plant TypeAnnuals
SunlightIn the full hot sun it tends to burn or fade. At best east side 1/2 day sun or lightly shaded.
MoistureWhen the plant gets established and root bound in the pot it is a real wilter. Needs to be kept evenly moist.
Soil & Siteaverage
Growing Mediaaverage patio
Flowerswhite, almost insignificant axillary flowers
Leavescolorful lanceolate leaves with shades of red, yellow, pink and orange
Dimensionsless than 12" tall
MaintenanceHas a tendence to produce long stems and become loose. Cut these off and prune to maintain shape.
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