Family: Crassulaceae

Scientific Name: Crassula arborescence

Common Name: Tree Jade


Tree Jade (Crassula arborescence) is an easy to grow, large leaf relative of the Jade. Needs full sun and should be grown on the dry side.

Plant TypeSucculents, Perennial Tender, Site author's observations
SunlightThe more sun the better. In low light the branches will become weak and weep over. The more light the bluer the leaves and the more pronounced the red edge around the leaf.
Moisturedry out between watering
Growing Mediaaverage house, well drained
FlowersSmall starry flowers that are white turning to pink. Difficult to get to bloom in the indoor home situation.
LeavesLarge robust, thick leaves that should have a blue tint with a pink to red edge. The glaucous waxy bluish coating is easily rubbed off by touching.
Stemsthick, forms a cork like bark with age
DimensionsUp to 8 plus feet in natural sites. Rather slow growing in pot culture.
MaintenanceThis plant will readily respond to pruning. We have cut it back to nothing more than stubs on the main trunk and it will start to leaf out and rebranch. Best down in the spring. Overwatering can cause edema. This is corky growth on the leaves.
Propagationcuttings, whole leaf cuttings
Native SiteSouth Africa, Cape Province, Namaqualand to Natal.
Misc FactsArborescence refers to trees. AKA: , Silver Dollar Plant, Chinese Jade, Money Plant, or Money Tree
Author's NotesThe bigger the pot the larger the plant will get.
Notes & Reference#02-Exotic Plant Manual (Alfred Byrd Graf), #20-Exotica (Alfred Byrd Graf), #156-San Marcos Growers web site (
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