Family: Aspleniaceae

Scientific Name: Asplenium antiguum Osaka

Common Name: Osaka Birds Nest Fern, Japanese Birds Nest Fern

DescriptionA fern that looks similar to the more common Bird Nest Fern but has wavy "lasagna-like" leaves.
Plant TypeAll Plants, Ferns - Tropical
Hardiness Zonetropical
Sunlightmoderate to bright
MoisturePrefers evenly moist to approach dryness. It tolerates drier conditions but prefers higher humidity. Grows faster in more humid conditions
Soil & SitePrefers a fibrous mix but tolerates average house.
TemperatureTolerates a wide temperature range but will grow faster in a warmer site, never below 40 degrees F.
FlowersThis is a non-flowering plant and reproduces by spores.
LeavesThe long, lanceolate, shiny fronds radiate out from the center base of the plant forming a vase. The young fronds are lighter green than the final dark green color. Fronds have a wavy lasagna-like margin. If you look down into the plant it resembles a bird's nest.
StemsThe stem is a compressed crown located at the base of the plant and is very gnarled and looks like osmunda.
Dimensionsreaches 2-3 feet
MaintenanceWith time the outer fronds will become tattered and should be removed. These outer fronds will last longer if the plant is free standing and not physically damaged. The drooping of these outside fronds may have evolved to protect the roots from the drying sun. The large leaves gather dust and need to be periodically cleaned.
Native SiteNative to the islands of Antigua.
Misc FactsThe scientific name for this plant has many flavors (syn A.nidus antiguum Osaka and A. nidus Osaka? )
Notes & Reference#23-Indoor Ferns (Boy Altman)
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