Family: Oxalidaceae

Scientific Name: Oxalis stricta

Common Name: Yellow Wood Sorrel

DescriptionA common weed that is a major problem in greenhouse and nursery containers.
Plant TypeAll Plants, Weeds
Sunlightfull to part sun
Soil & Sitetolerates most soils, common in degraded areas
Flowersyellow with 5 petals and occur from long stalks at the leaf axis
FruitThe fruit is a pointed cylindrical capsule with flat sides. Seeds are dispersed by explosively ejecting the seeds.
Leavesgreen, alternate, trifoliate, with smooth margins, fringe hairs, close up at night, leaflets are obcordate
StemsThe stems are more prostrate than erect and form a long slender rhizome with fibrous roots.
DimensionsUsually around 6" tall but may reach 1 foot.
MaintenanceAs a weed in the soil rather easy to pull, but don't leave pieces of the stem behind since it will root. In a container the plants long slender rhizomes follow the inside edge of the pot and form a mass of stems.
Author's NotesI like to take a few leaves of this plant and eat them. Has a stronge citrus taste.
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