Family: Liliaceae

Scientific Name: Dracaena marginata Magenta

Common Name: Magenta Dracaena

DescriptionA cultivar of Red Edge Dracaena with dark magenta edges to the leaves.
Plant TypeIndoor Foliage
Hardiness Zone10-11
Sunlightmoderate to bright, may lose some coloration in lower light conditions
Moistureevenly moist to approach dryness
Growing Mediaaverage house
LeavesThe rosette of leaves is found on the top of this apical dominant plant. They are long, linear, and have a dark magenta edge.
Stemsthin and flexible
MaintenanceIf the plant gets tall and out of shape it will respond to being cut back almost any where along the stem. This plant is very apical dominant, meaning it produces one major top. When it is cut back it will respond with multiple branches.
PropagationThe major ways are tip cuttings, cane (stem section cuttings) cuttings or air layering. Sections of the stem can be cut into 4-6" pieces and either stuck vertically or laid on the growing media horizontally and they will root.
Notes & ReferenceThis plant is sold in a few different ways. Many times small plants are sold as "leafy rosettes". A tip cutting is rooted in a small pot. As the plant matures it will developed its palm-like form. Many times it is sold as a single, "bare legged" plant. Some times 3 or more cuttings of various heights are put in the same pot to create a layered effect.
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