Family: Onagraceae

Scientific Name: Fuchsia hybrids Yellow Foliage

Common Name: Fuchsia, Yellow foliage Fuchsia

DescriptionAn ever popular plant that produces very showy, exotic pendulous blooms. Can be used in patio pots, hanging baskets, window baskets, etc. This variety has golden-yellow foliage.
Plant TypePerennial Tender
SunlightPrefers some direct sun but most of the time should be semi-shade or bright indirect light.
Moistureevenly moist in pots, average in the soil
Soil & Siteaverage
Growing Mediaaverage patio
TemperatureFuchsias are divided into hardy (tolerates about 25 degrees Fahrenheit) and tender. In zone #5, the hardy will tolerate the cool to cold temperatures of the fall.
FlowersThe sepals of Fuchsias are colored along with the petals. Usually they are different colors. Most are pendulous and borne on terminal racemes or panicles. Very exotic looking.
LeavesThe foliage is bright yellow, orange to golden depending on the light conditions.
DimensionsThis variety gets about 8-12" tall with a 12-16" spread.
Maintenancepruning to keep the plant in shape
Misc FactsFuchsia's can be brought indoors to over winter. Cut the plants back 50-75%, repot and put in a bright window. Fuchsias are notorious for having white fly and other insects. Some sort of pest control will be needed
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