Family: Araceae

Scientific Name: Monstera adansonii

Common Name: Swiss cheese vine


Swiss Cheese Vine (Monstera Adansonii) A vine with interesting perforated leaves. Can be grown in a hanging basket or on a totem pole.

Plant TypeIndoor Foliage
Hardiness Zone10-11
SunlightWill grow in low light but bright to moderate will promote perforations in the leaves.
Moistureevenly moist to approach dryness
Soil & Siteaverage
Growing Mediaaverage
Leavesgreen, perforated leaves
Dimensionsat least 5 feet
Maintenancepruning to promote a fuller plant.
Native Sitetropical Americas
Misc FactsMonstera obliqua Leichtlinii AKA: Adanson's monstera, Swiss cheese vine, five holes plant
Author's NotesGrown this fast growing plant for many years. Needs constant pruning or it will become long and stretched. I grew this plant for many years using the scientific name of Monstera oblique, found out this isn't true. How using the above name.
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