Family: Araceae

Scientific Name: Washingtonia robusta

Common Name: Washington Palm, Fan Palm

DescriptionA very tall growing palm used as large landscape palms in the warmer hardiness zones.
Plant TypeIndoor Foliage
Hardiness Zone9-11
Moistureprefers average moisture but is tolerant of drought once established
Soil & Sitemoderately rich well drained, tolerates poor and sandy soils
Temperaturehardy to about 20 degrees F, at this temperature the foliage will die but not the plant
FlowersLarge clusters of branched inflorescence of whitish flowers. The fruit consists of black berries.
Leaveslarge, palmate, reaching 4 feet wide by 5 feet long, found at the top of the plant, petioles are 3 feet long and edged with sharp saw tooth spines, the leaves die and form a skirt of dead leaves around the stem.
Stemsgray/brown trunk, ringed with closely set leaf scars
DimensionsReaches up to 100 feet as a single stemmed plant
MaintenanceThe skirt of dead leaves is considered a fire hazard and removal is required by many municipalities.
Native SiteNative to desert mountain valleys and canyons of Sonora and Baja Mexico.
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